Mother's Day
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Ample Insurance wants to wish all the mothers and anyone who can be considered a mother an amazing Mother’s Day! With all the love, care, understanding, and support that these wonderful women give their children, we know it’s not easy and want to make sure that they know how much they are appreciated.

Mom’s should feel appreciated all year round, so try to make them feel extra special on this day dedicated to them. If you want to be extra thoughtful this year and really show all the love you have for your mother, consider trying some of these suggestions.

House Chores

It’s not always the pricey gifts that mean the most. Instead of a materialist gift, give her the gift of a day off from all the everyday household work that she does to maintain a beautiful home. Take a day to take care of all the chores around the house. Maybe repair a problem that has been put off, wash and fold the laundry loads, or give her home a thorough cleaning. She will greatly appreciate the effort.

Handcrafted Gifts

To prove your thoughtfulness, try a personalized handmade gift. An inexpensive idea is a framed photo collage. Moms love memories, and a great way to show that is through a framed collage of memories. Who doesn’t love a heartfelt gift basket? Think of little knick-knacks that your mom could use around the house or yard and she will love unraveling all the gifts inside the basket. Show her what you appreciate her by decorating a jar and put handwritten notes of all the things you love about her. She will love displaying it. If you are not crafty, check out the DIY Network for some great ideas and instructions.

Rest and Relaxation

The gift of rest and relaxation could just do the trick to make her day the best. She works hard all year round, so booking her an appointment at a local spa can be just the ticket. Actually setting the appointment, instead of giving her a gift card that can sit unused in a drawer, will give her the motivation to go to the appointment and get the pampering that she deserves. Spa Finder is a great site to find spa services you are looking for.

Planting in the Yard

The traditional gift is a bouquet of flowers that sit in a vase for a week until they are thrown out. Consider an alternate creative idea this year. Try planting a beautiful arrangement of flowers or herbs in her yard so she can enjoy them for weeks to come.

As we approach the weekend and we prepare for Mother’s Day, here at Ample Insurance, we we want to say our warmest HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the mothers out there!! Make sure the ones you love are protected, and as always Ample Insurance is here for all of your insurance needs. Don’t hesitate to contact our agents today! Reach us by phone by calling 321-222-1488.  Other ways to contact us include emailing us at or submitting a ‘Request A Quote’ form.