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We want to take the time out every year to recognize the fathers that have meant so much to us in our lives. Sometimes they go unnoticed for all they do to love, support, and guide us. Father’s Day is a great time to really show them that you see all the hard work and dedication to family that they put in. Now that Mother’s Day has passed and we showed them our love, let’s take the time to do the same for our fathers. Here are some unique things to do and gift ideas for that special man.

Taking the time to think of something fun and different to do is sometimes a task in itself. Fathers Day should be a special day, so doing something out of the ordinary will make him feel special.

  1. Take him to feel like a kid again at the local go-kart track. If there are no go-kart tracks, bowling or the mini-golf course are great options.
  2. Find a local restaurant that has live music and enjoy the sounds while enjoying the food.
  3. If he likes the theater, look up shows in your local area. Or find a sporting event he would enjoy. Ticketmaster is an easy place to find sporting, music, and entertaining events in your area.
  4. Dinner and a show can be inexpensively accomplished at the Hibachi restaurant around the corner. That’s always an entertaining place to enjoy a meal all together.
  5. Do a tourist activity. Take an airboat ride, go on a captained fishing tour or a walk around the zoo. If you have kids or grandchildren. the zoo is a great choice that everyone can enjoy.

Men are the hardest to buy for, they always say they have everything they need. Finding the right gift, that is thoughtful and unique is a hard thing to do. Here are some ideas for the man that has everything.

  1. We all have a sporting activity that we enjoy. Think of something that might personalize his golf game, help his tennis stroke, or make fishing more enjoyable. A set of personalized golf balls, a new ball machine, or a new personalized cooler for the hot fishing days are great options. has a wide variety of unique personalizable gifts that dad would love.
  2. Dad is not a sports guy? No worries. There are tech gifts that no man can resist. From cool gadgets like a digital tape measure to fun flying drones, there is a fun gadget for everyone. website has so many unique personalizable products from tools, tech, cooking, and outdoor gifts you’ll find what you are looking for.
  3. If your father loves the grill, let’s get him something to make grilling even easier. A wireless meat thermometer is a great idea. A new personalized grilling tool kit is a nice idea to show you care.
  4. Give him the gift of homemade meals from one of the many home delivery meal services. Green Chef is a great one that has many meal plans that are perfect for a week of unique meals with easy-to-follow directions.

Let’s show the fathers, step-father’s, grandfathers and father figures the best Father’s Day we can this year. Here at Ample want to wish all the fathers out there a wonderful Fathers Day! Fathers, you take care of us, and we can take care of you and all your insurance needs. Keep your loved ones protected with the right insurance. Call us at 321-222-1488 for any questions or email us at