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Life & Health Insurance

We Can Accommodate Your Needs

In addition to our property and casualty services, we have several life and health insurance agents to accommodate your needs.

Covering Your Life

Nobody can put a price on a person’s life. However, life insurance is a way to protect your family if something were to happen to you. Whether it be whole life, universal, variable or term life, our agents can design and recommend a plan that is best for you. For a free financial checkup, call us today!

Protecting Your Health

Accidents and illnesses happen at unexpected times and your health is worth protecting. Health Insurance is designed to help offset the costs that can accumulate when visiting the doctor, having surgery, running lab tests and picking up prescriptions. At the very least, it is something recommended to avoid an affordable care act penalty. We know the rules and regulations. If you are in need of health insurance coverage, reach out to us!

Planning For Your Disability

Many people do not expect to encounter a disabling accident or condition. However, it’s nice to be protected with a dependable plan for a secure future. Ample Insurance can provide short-term disability and long-term disability policies. Contact us for more information.

Life & Health Insurance Quote

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