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The first question is whether you need a separate boat insurance policy. Some states don’t require insurance for watercraft. However, many marinas do require insurance if you wish to use a slip or mooring. If you are financing the purchase of a boat, banks will require insurance. In some cases, if you have a modest speed small boat, canoe, or small sailboat your homeowners insurance may have limited protection. Most homeowners policies will only cover the watercraft if it is damaged on your property not while in the water. It is still always a good idea to purchase boat insurance. Boat insurance is similar to auto or homeowners insurance. It can be configured to fit the coverage needs appropriately to your watercraft.

Coverages that may be included in your boat policy are:

  • Liability and medical payments
  • Theft
  • Coverage for fishing gear, fenders, navigation or communication equipment
  • Coverage for salvage costs, fuel-spill cleanup
  • Roadside assistance and on-water towing
  • Mechanical breakdown coverage
  • Hurricane haul out coverage

If your boat is over 26 feet in length it will be considered for yacht insurance. Yacht insurance tends to be more inclusive than your standard boat insurance policy. There are custom coverages that may be available just for yacht insurance.

You can get discounts for multiple reasons including:

  • Taking a boating safety course
  • Receiving a boater-education card or license
  • Limiting your boating to a specific geographic area
  • Having a good auto driving record
  • New boats
  • Coast Guard approved fire extinguishers
  • Ship-to-shore radio
  • Multiple policies under the same insurance company

Whether you are considering purchasing a boat or a yacht or wondering which category your current watercraft falls, our agents at Ample Insurance can assist you with all your boating insurance needs. Ask our agents to evaluate any of your current insurance needs at 321-222-1488 or email us at for more information.