Why Choose an Independent Insurance Agency
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In today’s saturated insurance marketplace, consumers have many options when shopping for coverage. A simple Google search can lead to tons of places to turn. People can go to captive or direct insurance companies that offer a range of their own products, or to an independent agency which the ability to compare multiple different insurance company rates across all lines of insurance. Ample Insurance knows you have many options at your fingertips when shopping for coverage, but there are many reasons to work with an independent insurance agency like ours.

1. Many Insurance Options

When you work with an independent agency, you have the ability to shop various limits and price points from a large variety of companies. Agencies like Ample utilize multi-rater systems that allow us to compare premiums and the amount of coverage each company can offer. Your independent agent should be able to offer you unbiased advice and inform you of potential savings.

2. All-In-One Insurance Solutions

At an independent agency like ours, all of your insurance needs can be managed by the same agent. Need auto, homeowners, umbrella and business insurance? OK. We can handle all of those. We might spread your policies across multiple companies who specialize in the types of insurance you need, or bundle them with a company that offers it all. Regardless, you are able to come to one place for all of your policy questions, your independent agent. Let us keep all of your policies straight for you.

3. Your Advocate

Independent agents work a bridge between their customers and the insurance companies they represent. We are your advocate. At Ample, we will always advise our clients honestly with the best coverage and price we can offer. Licensed representatives at agencies know the rules. They’ll properly set up your insurance on the front-end, and will also be ready to help you settle a claim if needed.

4. A Personal Experience

When you work with an independent agency, you often get to know your agent. We’re with you through some of the biggest changes in your life (closing on your new home, opening up your own business, and purchasing your teen’s first car.) We’re here to make sure you are protected and to help you manage all of the “happy” and “not-so-happy” events in your life.

5. We’re Local

Independent agencies are often located in your communities and focus on writing business within the state. Even though Ample has relocated some of our offices to the Central and South Florida areas, we’re not too far away. You’re not speaking with a call center in another state. We’re Floridians just like you, and we understand the local insurance market.

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