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We all know how to prepare for a storm with things like putting gas in your vehicles, getting a generator, making sure you have non-perishables and plenty of water, etc. But do you know what to do after a hurricane? Sometimes the aftermath can be devesting and highly dangerous. Fallen trees, flooding and downed powerlines can all be extremely hazardous conditions. If you evacuated or stayed in a secure location, coming back to your property might be dangerous and there are precautions to take in order to stay safe. Here are some guidelines on what to do after the storm.

  1. Wait until cleared. The eye of the storm is calm and can span for miles, a break in the storm may just mean the second part is coming. Stay away from windows and doors until the state officials have informed you that is it safe and the hurricane has fully passed.
  2. Avoid unsafe buildings. There are so many hazards that can be seen and unseen, so when entering a building use extreme caution. Stay clear of buildings with clear structural damage. If unsure, wait until it has been inspected and declared safe.
  3. Be aware of any compromised hazardous chemicals, like weed killer containers and propane tanks, for instance. Use proper disposal methods when handling.
  4. Watch out for downed power lines.  High winds can break the power lines and knock towers over, which can be extremely dangerous. A broken line with flowing electricity and any standing water can carry a deadly threat where it is not expected.
  5. According to the National Weather Service, carbon monoxide is one of the leading causes of death after a storm. Never use a portable generator inside your home or garage.
  6. Use battery-powered flashlights and never use candles, as it could ignite leaking gas, if present.

Here at Ample Insurance, we want to make sure you are careful and to take certain precautions after the storm as passed. Having a plan before reentering your home, and being aware of certain risks, will minimize the threat of any harm to your or your family. If you have any homeowners, flood or auto insurance questions please call us at 321-222-4188 or email us at