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With Florida’s hurricane season upon us, business owners must set some plans to protect themselves. This protection goes beyond investing in generators and sandbags for physical company protection.  If you don’t have a disaster plan, its time to make one.  According to NOAA, they are now expecting 10-17 named storms (winds of 39 mph or greater) and this updated outlook is for the entire six-month 2019 hurricane season, which ends Nov. 30.  It is important for business owners to have a well thought out emergency plan, and to take precautions that will keep employees safe and your business running after the storm. Here are steps business owners can take to prepare for weather emergencies.

  1. Create an alert system. It is critical to act quickly and have a well-designed alert system that will alert all staff and clients of the immediate situation. Have an evacuation procedure specific for your location.
  2. Keep duplicate records. Staff and client records are very important to one’s business operations. Consult with an IT managed service provider about implementing backups of data frequently.
  3. Maintain adequate insurance. Review your business insurance policy and make sure you have sufficient coverage that would cover business interruption and any possible physical damage. Make sure to have flood insurance as well.
  4. Have a back up payroll plan. Have a plan in place to ensure your employees are getting their pay and what they need even during a time of crisis.
  5. Develop a communications plan. Designate someone to serve as a contact person for your employees, customers, and vendors. Have a list of names, number and emergency contacts that can be easily accessed from anywhere.
  6. Take photographs and videos of assets. Make sure to keep them in a waterproof/fireproof storage and online in case needed.
  7. Create a disaster kit. In case of emergency, put together a kit that includes a flashlight, a portable radio, batteries, first-aid kit, bottled water, non-perishable food, and a basic tool kit. Make sure everyone knows where to find this kit in a crisis.

Hurricanes and natural disasters are unpredictable and frightening. Make sure your employees and your business have all the necessary safety measures in place before disaster strikes. Ample Insurance is here for any of your business insurance or flood insurance needs. Please contact our agents to ensure you are properly protected at 321-222-1488 or email us at