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From 1776 to the present day, July 4th has been celebrated as the birth of American independence, with festivities ranging from fireworks, parades, and concerts to more casual family gatherings and barbecues. Here are some interesting facts about our Independence Day that are a great conversation piece at your next get together, along with some tips for celebrating the holiday safely.

  • It has been a federal holiday in the United States since 1941, but the tradition of Independence Day celebrations goes back to the 18th century and the American Revolution.
  • While we celebrate Independence Day to be on the  4th of July, it was on July 2, 1776, according to, where the vote was made by the delegates from the 13 colonies in favor of independence. Two days later (July 4th) the Continental Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence, which is why the holiday is celebrated on the 4th.
  • It is said John Adams declined invitations to 4th of July events in protest, as he believed it should be celebrated on July 2nd.
  • The last surviving members of the original American revolutionaries John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died within hours of each other on July 4, 1826, which was the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Coincidence, or something more? We will never know.
  • In 1870, the U.S. Congress made July 4th a Federal Holiday. The provision was expanded to grant a paid holiday to all federal employees in 1941.
  • In July 1776, there were an estimated 2.5 million people living in the newly independent nation. According to the most recent estimates, today there are 326 million.

With over 300 million people living in the US and celebrating our nation’s independence, let’s stay safe while getting together with family and friends for a day of celebration. Here are some safety tips for those who want to stay safe while setting off those exciting, yet dangerous fireworks.

  1. If using store-bought fireworks, always follow the directions. Do not attempt to create homemade fireworks.
  2. Never let children handle or light fireworks. Kids under the age of 15 account for 40 percent of fireworks injuries, according to the U.S. Fire Administration.
  3. A responsible adult should light fireworks. Don’t light fireworks if you have been drinking alcohol.
  4. Make sure you are in a safe area, away from homes and buildings. Always keep a fire extinguisher nearby.
  5. Look out for tree limbs or bushes that could catch fire. Make sure your gutters are clean and there are no accumulated leaves or other flammable material in them.

At Ample Insurance we want your holiday to be happy and safe. The best advice would be to attend a public display conducted by professionals and skip your own personal fireworks show. However, if you have your own, please be safe and protect yourself and your property on this holiday. Make sure your home is insured with the right homeowners insurance coverage. Call us at 321-222-1488 to get a quote or email us at for more information.