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Buying a new home is exciting, as it marks the next chapter of your life. You start thinking about what makes up your dream house: the best location, the perfect size and the most affordable price.  Although purchasing a home can be exhilarating, it’s also a very stressful time. Concerns of mortgage, maintenance, homeowner’s insurance and utility costs start scrambling through your mind. To help ease your worries about all of the expenses, we’ve put together 10 tips for lowering your homeowner’s insurance premium.

  1. Wind mitigating your home may help to decrease homeowner’s rates. A wind mitigation inspection allows Florida insurance companies to properly rate your home and provide discounts for homes that meet proven standards. Wind mitigation inspectors may recommend adding proper seals, reinforcing houses’ walls, and/or adding window and door protection. The age and materials used in a home’s roof are major factors inspectors examine. Make sure your roof can withstand harsh wind and rain and make necessary updates as determined by an inspector. It’s important to know that roofs installed after March 1, 2002 are likely to qualify for a credit with your insurance company as long as the building permits show that the proper materials were used.
  2. Improving home security through alarm systems, bolt locks for doors, and fire alarms will often save you money on your homeowner’s insurance. To receive discounts, make sure you have a “centrally monitored” burglar alarm system installed in case of break-ins. (“Locally monitored” alarm systems are not given these discounts.) Install bolt locks on all doors of the home, as these will further ensure you and/or your family’s safety. Having a fire alarm system with interior sprinklers may also reduce rates.
  3. Maintaining a good credit is also beneficial, as insurance companies will take into account your credit score when calculating an insurance score. The better your credit score, the lower your homeowner’s insurance rate can be.
  4. Taking pride in ownership of your home could potentially lower homeowners’ rates. Maintaining your lawn helps increase safety of your house and may therefore lower your rate because there is less risk.
  5. Raising your deductible will decrease your premium, which in turn lowers your monthly insurance bill. By increasing your deductible, you will be able to significantly decrease your homeowner’s insurance costs.
  6. Living in a gated community provides extra safety for your home, and makes insuring your house less of a risk for insurance company. Although you may not be able to control whether there is a gate in your current neighborhood entrance, having this feature may be something to consider when choosing the location of your new home.
  7. Making sure your home is insured to value prevents your insurance policy from including costs of land in your policy rates. As long as your insurance rate will cover costs for rebuilding your home, you don’t need to worry about having a policy that covers anything further. Your land the house is on is not at risk for theft or fire so that value does not need to be included when calculating your homeowner’s rate.
  8. Checking the location of your home to nearest fire hydrant and fire station could help lower insurance rates as well. It’s better to be closer to a fire hydrant or a professional fire station, as they would be able to assist you faster if you are closer in proximity.
  9. Updating your home could lower risks for insurance companies. If you update sink fixtures, roofing, and electrical systems in an older home, you are more likely to have a lower insurance rate. Receiving a four-point inspection is the most beneficial way for your agent to calculate your new homeowner’s insurance based on your upgrades.
  10. Calling Ample Insurance Company will help you get the best rate and coverage for your home. One of our knowledgeable agents will be able to assist you with a quote and answer any questions you may have. We know the Florida homeowner’s market and are ready to help you with your homeowner’s insurance.

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