Auto Accident Tips
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After getting into a car accident, you’re often put in a state of shock. Your mind starts running in different directions as you try to figure out what happened and what to do next! We know that having a car accident is never a positive experience, but hope these tips help you best handle the situation as smoothly as possible.

1. Move Your Car to Safety

As long as you are okay and capable of driving, try to get your car out off the main road to a safer place, like the shoulder of the road. You want to make sure that your vehicle, as well as any other people involved in the accident, is out of further harm’s way.

2. Call 911

Once you have ensured that all involved vehicles are out of the flow of traffic, call 911 so that the police can help. Make sure to cooperate fully with the officers. Let them evaluate the accident and try not to place or take blame. If the police are unable to make it to the scene of a minor accident, you can file a report with your state’s DMV.

3. Gather/Exchange All Necessary Information

Make sure you obtain the basic information of all those involved in the accident and give your information to other driver(s) in the accident, including: names of other drivers, license plate number, driver’s license number, makes and models of all involved vehicles, location of accident, and basic auto insurance information. It may also be beneficial to take photos of any damage caused to the vehicles, as it would be helpful when going through the insurance claims process.

4. File Insurance Claim

Often times, you can file a claim directly with the carrier. If you’re an Ample Insurance customer, check out our Claims page for links to our carriers’ websites and instructions on how to report your claim. You can also call us directly at 321-222-1488, if you need further assistance or have any questions.