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Most people are aware of the main factors that affect their auto insurance rates. Your gender, age, marital status, geographical location, and credit score all affect your insurance rates in different ways. But many don’t know how much everything about your vehicle affects the rate. If you plan on purchasing a car this year, these factors could have an impact on saving some money.

1. Year, Make and Model

Most might think a brand-new car will be the least expensive to insure because it has the latest and greatest features, but that might not be the case. As your car gets older, it loses value and a less valuable car may be less expensive to repair or replace, making it less expensive to insure. It all depends on the vehicle but in some cases, it might be cheaper to insure an older car. The make and model have an impact on rates. For example, the more luxurious the vehicle, the higher the cost to repair or replace, thus the premiums will be higher.  Which model you choose can make a difference as well. A different model of the same manufacturer can be the sportier version and be at higher risk for an accident, which would result in higher premiums.

2. Vehicle Size

In the chance of accidents, larger cars are generally safer than smaller cars. However, cars with larger engines relative to body size tend to have higher rates. Many larger cars with good safety ratings have lower premiums than smaller cars with otherwise similar ratings.

3. Safety Rating

The safety rating is based on several factors, including the likelihood of the car’s owner to get into an accident, and how likely a passenger is to be injured in an accident. Therefore, if the vehicle has a high safety rating, the rate will be lower because there is a lower chance of needing to pay for passengers’ medical bills. So consider the safety rating when shopping for auto insurance.

4. Risk of Theft

There are statistics on the frequency of theft for every car. If the insurance company is at a higher risk of having to pay out on replacing a stolen car, the higher the premium will be on that specific car. Anti-theft features can help lower your premium.

5. Vehicle History

If you are looking into buying a previously owned vehicle, there are things to keep in mind when choosing the right one. Insurance companies will look at your vehicle’s history and see if it had any previous accidents or how many times it has been in for repairs. CARFAX is a well-known vehicle history reporting company when doing your research. Try to look for a clean vehicle history report because if it’s not clean you may be looking at higher premiums.

Insurance companies use a complex system of statistics and their own value system to come up with the premiums for each portion of your insurance coverage. The vehicle itself is only part of the equation of determining your insurance rates. The car itself is one of the factors that are within a driver’s control, however, and taking the time to get some quotes on various models before you buy can help you to save a lot of money in the long run.

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