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Auto and Specialty Insurance

Insuring your Car

Car insurance is an important necessity in Florida. Not only is it required by law, but most of us drive for work and pleasure on a daily basis, increasing our risk of having an accident. In order to register a vehicle, you are required to have, at a minimum, both personal injury protection coverage (PIP), and property damage liability. However, it is strongly recommended that you also purchase bodily injury liability coverage and uninsured motorist coverage. It’s also good to keep in mind that your driver’s license can be suspended for lack of insurance. Our agents know the ins-and-outs of the auto insurance industry and can help you find a market to adequately protect you and your vehicle.

Specialty Vehicle Insurance: RVs, Motorcycles, Golf Cart and ATVs

Many Floridians have specialty vehicles that help them fulfill their hobbies. Have a toy like a recreational vehicle (RV), ATV, golf cart or a motorcycle you want to insure? No problem; we cover those, too. Give Ample a call to discuss your options.

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